“Working with Jeanette was a great experience. She was instrumental in helping me change my diet to eat healthier and feel better. The changes in my diet not only had me feeling healthier, it greatly reduced the number of migraines I was getting. She is patient and friendly, took the time to understand my challenges and made suggestions that would work with my busy life style. I also enjoyed the recipes she provided which have become part of my weekly meal preps!”
-Camille Z

“Jeanette was such a help while I was going through a handful of post-partum medical issues. She not only provided me guidance and recommendations on nutritional and supplement choices but she also provided precise feedback and questions for me to discuss with my doctors. Her persistence and research fueled me to keep requesting additional testing; because of all her hard work and support, my doctors finally detected a thyroid issue. Jeanette’s thoroughness and the time she dedicated to my issues was the defining factor as to how I was finally able to some sort of diagnosis. She was the only person to take a full 360-degree look at my symptoms, analyze them and come up with a well-rounded treatment plan that combined nutrition, supplement, exercise and further medical testing.”
-Alexandra C.

“This really helped me and I loved seeing everyone else’s ideas. I liked trying to throw in extra veggies where I normally wouldn’t to mix things up and they were welcome additions flavor wise. Regarding how I feel after this challenge…The days I adhered to the veggie challenge I noticed that some (ahem) things ‘moved’ more freely than usual. I have issues in that department so it was a welcome response from my body.”
– Jen D.

“Jeanette is an RDN who lives and breathes nutrition. The grocery tour I did with her at Wegmans was so helpful and made navigating the plethora of ‘healthy’ options at the store much easier. Some products that I thought were good for me actually turned out not to be. She took her time explaining why and offered a better suggestion. Jeanette takes the time to really read and compare labels on products and tell you what you should be looking for based on your dietary goals. She’s extremely friendly, approachable, patient and knowledgable. She offers a great personal and customized service to help people live a healthy lifestyle. The grocery store can be confusing so why not have an ally help you make the best options so you feel confident in what you are bringing home. I highly recommend scheduling a consult or tour with Jeanette to get on a better track!”
-Vanessa K.

“I was the fittest and healthiest I’d ever been before I got pregnant. 10 months post-partum I was the heaviest I’d ever been and struggling to shift into healthier habits with a constantly changing routine that comes from being a stay-at-home mum with a baby.

Working with Jeanette gave me dedicated time each week to think about and talk through the changes I wanted to make and how to make them work within my schedule. Jeanette sent me food lists, recipe ideas, and exercise clips on YouTube customised to my preferences, doing all the research I didn’t have time for!

Now I have a new set of healthy go-to recipes cycling through our meal plan and a regular date with my cross-trainer. I have more energy and have dropped a dress size. Thanks, Jeanette!”
– Kerryn H.

“Not participating in the veggie Challenge but I can’t help share my enthusiasm with making my first homemade veggie burger! I had one for the very first time at lunch Monday and I requested it veggies style (aka lettuce bed instead of bun). OMG amazing. So now I need to satisfy the crave. I just wanna say thank you to Jeanette for putting together this group which has provided me with the motivation and inspiration to experiment more with veggies.”
-Dannielle M. (In response to seeing the Veggie Challenge take place)

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